New Technologies Affecting Healthcare


Attendees will leave the Course clearly understanding the New Technologies affecting healthcare outside of the traditional care environments. The course participants will be able to understand:

  • IoT monitoring continuous vs. daily
  • Data analysis and customized plans of care
  • Personalized population health management
  • AI enabled Agents that can engage
  • Payment model reform and how they apply
  • International vs US models


This course covers the new technologies affecting healthcare. During this discussion, we will look at how IoT, data analysis and advanced AI is enhancing the outcomes of individuals as well as driving new engagement models outside of the traditional care environment. As the shifting payment models are driving from fee-for-service to paying for quality outcomes, the new technologies offer continuous engagement with those in most need of follow on care.

Who should attend?

  • Clinical Operations Staff¬†

  • Project Team Members

  • Quality Assurance, Monitors, CRAs

  • Individual Physicians

  • Care Transition teams

  • Home Health Agency

  • Device manufacturers

  • Data Management professionals

  • Regulatory Affairs

  • Investigators & Site Study Staff

  • CROs, Consultants, Insurer

Chuck Parker


Charles (Chuck) Parker is Global Lead for Healthcare at Beyond Limits. With more than 20 years of Healthcare and Telecommunications IT experience, he has led several research and for-profit initiatives. Most recently as a lead for Beyond Limits, a commercial startup bringing forward application of NASA developed Artificial Intelligence for the application in healthcare and telecommunications. Prior, he served as the Executive Director of the Continua Health Alliance a membership-driven company focused on developing an eco-system of interoperable IoT personal health devices. Chuck has been active in leading the industry in the Personal Connected Health IoT area for the past 7 years through leadership in Continua, OneM2M, IEEE and the Bluetooth SIG.


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