OSHA Inspections and Investigations: How to Manage Them


  • Give examples of why OSHA comes calling
  • Explain how to construct  letter of response to an OSHA complaint
  • Give examples of  what to expect during an  OSHA visit
  • Explain how to conduct yourself during a surprise inspection
  • Help you understand how employees and unions fit into the inspection
  • Explain what to look for if a citation is issued
  • Provide insights into follow up settlement conferences


This session will assist safety professionals and managers in when they are being inspected by OSHA either due to an employee complaint or an accident. This session will help business owners and safety personnel have a better understanding and feel more in control of the situation when a OSHA inspectors arriver at your site, especially of they arrive unannounced.

Who should attend?

  • Business Owners
  • Supervisors
  • Managers
  • Safety Personnels
  • Inhouse Legal consel

Kenneth S. Weinberg


Dr. Kenneth S. Weinberg is an independent consultant located just south of Boston, MA. He has worked with a variety of companies regarding OSHA regulatory requirements and compliance with these regulations. He has also worked as the Director of Safety at Mass. General Hospital in Boston. Dr. Weinberg has served as the Administrator of the Health Care division of the American Society of Safety Engineers. He is an experienced lecturer and a published author of several scientific papers in juried research journals, and has written several books related to workplace safety requirements.


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