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How It Works

Industry’s Quickest TFA (Time to First Answer). 
An expert will get back to you within 24 hours—if not sooner. Guaranteed.

5 Ways Plianced Can Help You!

Plianced has your back. Companies need to stay on top of fast changing regulations and avoid huge business risk. That’s where our platform of experts and content can help.

Connect with the right answers, from the right people, at the right time!

xPods (Expert-Led Content)

Think of xPods as eXpert-led Podcasts, but in the form of recorded or live videos! They’re fresh, relevant and engaging. xPods are created by industry-leading Experts in multiple formats, so you can view how you want, when you want!

Experts discuss compliance and regulatory issues in both short and long formats. Professionals use the session learnings to stay ahead of the regulatory alerts and changes.

Short Live Webinar sessions (less than 90 minutes) discuss some of the most relevant regulatory changes, which are application-focused and need-based resources for thousands of professionals.

Longer Sessions (6 hours or more) are scheduled as Online Seminars. These sessions cover an area of compliance in totality. They have inbuilt training programs and application guidelines. Professionals benefit immensely by interacting with Experts during the longer sessions.

All the sessions are recorded and available for our members to refer to on demand

Expert on Call

Speak with the Expert of your choice within 24 hours! 

Plianced provides a first-of-its-kind ‘Expert on Call’ service to all members. Finding an Expert is now extremely easy, by simply selecting an industry, sub-industry or business function. Members are free to choose more than one expert.

Need it fast? No problem with Plianced, as members have an option to select “urgent mode” to speak to an Expert within 24 hours. In normal mode, simply provide three options for a call within next 7 days. Once our Experts confirm a time, the call is scheduled and is displayed in the Call list section.

On the day of the call, simply visit the Call list page, select the scheduled call and join a video call session, right from the platform. Speak to the Expert live for a 30 min or 1 hour discussion. All discussions are covered under a confidentiality agreement pre-signed while enrolling with Plianced, so you can feel free to discuss your specific details.

Expert Answers

Jane – The Bot, is Your AI powered Compliance Assistant.

Meet Jane. She’s the smartest compliance guide out there today. She’s super smart and uses Natural Language Programming (NLP) and Machine Learning to understand your questions and provides the most accurate answer from published guidelines, as well as previous Expert discussions.

Jane instantly scans through hundreds of video courses and expert feeds and recommends the most appropriate content for you to review. Jane uses machine learning to match the right expert through compatibility scores based on skill and interactions. When members offer feedback through ratings, their matches become even more compatible over time and Jane gets even smarter – move over, Sherlock!

xPosts (Expert Alerts and Tweets)

Short feeds by Experts are big information banks for the industry and your way to stay on top of the latest news.

xPosts are the easiest and fastest way for Experts to send out information to thousands of professionals. These short posts are extremely valuable pieces of information for Plianced members. Receive alerts on upcoming changes, new industry technologies, market intelligence or simply to get to know the experts better!

Members receive xPost notifications based on their industry, sub-industry or function selection. xPosts are always written by Experts, which keeps the feed informative and accurate. Members are free to like the post or comment and start a discussion.

Get to know the Experts and be your best self!

Experts on Projects

(Coming soon)

Get bids and engage one or more Experts on your project! It’s just like your own RFP!

Plianced offers a first of its kind Expert on Project option for all compliance needs of members. Members post a short description of the project they need expert help on and the Plianced marketplace AI matches the project requirements with hundreds of Experts with expertise in your particular area.

Experts review the project and decide if they want to send bids out to win the consulting work. The bids are sent confidentially to you. You can review multiple bids and select one or more experts to work on your project.

By allowing Experts and Members to interact directly, Plianced becomes your no-hassle, transparent, self-service platform with no worry of interaction between multiple parties.

Simply Post, Publish, Choose and Engage!

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